March 2013

Viva Las Vegas 2013

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The biggest Rockabilly Party in the world is taking place in Las Vegas  3/28/13 thru 3/31/13 and yours truly, along with my lovely wife Rachel will be in attendance for the first time ever. Now we’ve been to traditional hot rod/rat rod rockabilly shows before, nothing to this extent! we literally have four days of non stop bands, cars, pin up contests and anything and everything one could think of that has to do with the culture. Although I’ve never been to either, Viva to me is what Sturgis is to bikers. I quit riding and switched full time to roddin before I could ever make it there. That’s just fine by me, my wife and my extended family because the only danger I have driving my ’47 Packard  around is of going broke! Damn the gas’ll get ya. Well. its still damn chilly in Chicago so this Vegas trip is gonna get us some color and some hope for the car season to begin shortly after we get home… HOPEFULLY! Be on the look out for the official vehicle of The Chop Shop Barbershop, my ’47 Packard so rightfully named “PACRAT”, and say whats up…


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Mustaches not only have made a comeback but they’ve taken the world by storm. Every where you look now mustache here mustache there damn mustache every where. Eh who am I kiddin, im just jealous I cant grow a legit one like my man Jay Jensen. I’m gonna give the stache and chops a shot for a minute just to see how long I can roll. You wanna look cool, look no further then your upper lip…

Hot Rod Art For Sale


Hot Rod Art For Sale: All photographs taken and edited by yours truly! I’ve always enjoyed photography and we all know I love hot rods, so why not add the two together? This particular picture was taken at the last ever Hunnert Car Pile Up in Decatur Il back in October of 2011.  I have many different photographs and different variations of each. I’ll be posting them on here from time to time so let me know what you think even if you’re not interested in purchasing any. Look out for these to be hanging in The Chop Shop Barbershop or a home near you…

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